Stephan Keil

Director Industrialisation

At AM Global, we help industry to scale their additive manufacturing to serial production volumes. Together with our leading technology partners, we set up integrated AM solutions in customised production cells at locations worldwide.

Stephan Keil has joined AM Global in April 2020, after working in the Aerospace sector for 18 years. As Director Industrialisation, he leads customer projects that enable AM for production processes end-to-end, from pilot line installation to a sustained industrial ramp-up and stable series production.

Before joining AM Global, Stephan has lived and worked in Toulouse and Abu Dhabi, working for an aircraft OEM, a leading airline and a large aircraft maintenance company. He delivered several complex aircraft cabin modification programs, and worked on the set-up of an in-house Design- and Production Organisation, where he led Project Delivery, Business Development and Innovation. Stephan has experience in setting up AM Production in an approved aerospace production organisation framework.

During his spare time, Stephan enjoys spending time with his family and mountain sports.