Dan France

Director Business Development

“OEMS and many sub tier suppliers struggle finding a company that can support them to enable serial production using additive manufacturing. At AM Global, cost, quality, IP and many more perceived issues are directly addressed along with supply chain risks which are managed throughout the AM Global network.” – Daniel France

Daniel France has vast experience in commercial development assisting customers on there AM journey. In his current role, Daniel will work closely with existing and potential customers guiding them through the AM Global LAB and HUB process to serial manufacturing. This will also include the transfer and set up of pilot factories and cells.

Before joining the AM Global team, Daniel spent 9 years at 3T-am. Daniel was part of the leadership team and played a big part in the success at 3T-am. For his last 2 years at 3T-am he focused on business development enabling serial production for some of the worlds largest OEMs.

During his spare time Daniel enjoys time with his family, travelling and various sports.